the truth about retirement planning

Financial experts advise you to prepare for 18 years of retirement, at a minimum. They suggest you plan accordingly, financially- speaking. So I sat myself down, did some quick calculating, crunched the numbers and, voilá, I’m reasonably confident I’ll make it to lunch. The shocker is, I’m okay with that. A lavish lifestyle as a geezer … Continue reading the truth about retirement planning


uh-oh, run for your lives

The jig's up, fellas. Women aren’t intimidated by the He-Man Woman Haters Club, anymore. They’re out of control. We must declare them a dangerous menace and rally our base. Chanting and death threats, that’ll shut ‘em up. Then we’ll declare ourselves victims, lament the serious damage to our oh-so-tender egos, and toast ourselves in celebration. … Continue reading uh-oh, run for your lives

with apologies to elizabeth barrett browning

Plagiarism is bad. I do not advocate the theft of other writers’ work under any circumstances. It’s a weak, underhanded practice. But, you know what? Ripping off a dead woman isn't so terrible in these sneering, contemptuous times. Scruples are a long-disused anachronism now, as are ethics, dignity, any type of decency whatsoever. They were … Continue reading with apologies to elizabeth barrett browning

stop calling him president

He wasn’t elected; he was installed. Trump is unfit and irrational, a danger to American interests. He’s also dishonest, self-serving, and a 400-pound embarrassment. So call him a stand-in or a mole, a gatecrasher or a costly mistake, anything but president. President makes him sound sensible and legitimate. Just like 'poor' makes me sound like … Continue reading stop calling him president

think you’re special?

Brace yourself, you’re not. I’m not, either. None of us are. Seems we haven’t progressed much beyond the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, cave dwellers of olde. That fact becomes evident the instant you step from the shower and glance in the mirror. What is that? A yeti? Nope, it’s you in all your natural, unretouched glory. Oh, … Continue reading think you’re special?