uh-oh, run for your lives

The jig's up, fellas. Women aren’t intimidated by the He-Man Woman Haters Club, anymore. They’re out of control. We must declare them a dangerous menace and rally our base. Chanting and death threats, that’ll shut ‘em up. Then we’ll declare ourselves victims, lament the serious damage to our oh-so-tender egos, and toast ourselves in celebration. … Continue reading uh-oh, run for your lives


with apologies to elizabeth barrett browning

Plagiarism is bad. I do not advocate the theft of other writers’ work under any circumstances. It’s a weak, underhanded practice. But, you know what? Ripping off a dead woman isn't so terrible in these sneering, contemptuous times. Scruples are a long-disused anachronism now, as are ethics, dignity, any type of decency whatsoever. They were … Continue reading with apologies to elizabeth barrett browning

stop calling him president

He wasn’t elected; he was installed. Trump is unfit and irrational, a danger to American interests. He’s also dishonest, self-serving, and a 400-pound embarrassment. So call him a stand-in or a mole, a gatecrasher or a costly mistake, anything but president. President makes him sound sensible and legitimate. Just like 'poor' makes me sound like … Continue reading stop calling him president

think you’re special?

Brace yourself, you’re not. I’m not, either. None of us are. Seems we haven’t progressed much beyond the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, cave dwellers of olde. That fact becomes evident the instant you step from the shower and glance in the mirror. What is that? A yeti? Nope, it’s you in all your natural, unretouched glory. Oh, … Continue reading think you’re special?

trump. america.

Pick one. You can't have both. Sideshow Don is bent on dismantling this nation, transforming it into his own private fiefdom. Or, in other Trumpian terms, a shithole country, a place where basic human rights, fairness and decency and the Constitution have no practical purpose. Internationally, the Trump government is viewed with deep mistrust and … Continue reading trump. america.