we do and do and do and this is how you thank us?

Come on, we’re trying to start a blog here. You think maybe you could work up a little enthusiasm, instead of just sitting boredthere and yawning? Sheesh.

We published a brand new piece this morning and what did you do? Nothing, not a damn thing. Not one of you even bothered to show up. Thanks for that, by the way. It left a nice, warm glow; we felt like total losers.

Could you at least pretend to read a post, maybe? There’s some decent stuff here. Check out the gravatar profile. Or the phony print ad. The copyright page is sort of brilliant, have you looked at that?

You know, we work hard to make a nice blog for you and you treat us like the hired help. Well, here’s a news flash, junior: we’re not getting paid for this. We do it for the pleasure of your damn company.

But if you don’t start visiting more often, we’ll stop this blog right here. We’re not kidding. Now go to your room.

smilecopyright © 2014 little ittys

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