false alarm


Whoopsie, heh heh, I overreacted.

The shit didn’t hit the fan, after all. It came this close, though, thi-i-i-i-s close, then veered off a centimeter and disaster was narrowly averted. I can keep my car, ladies and gentlemen. Isn’t that a shock? Wait, I should qualify that: I’ll be able to keep my car as long as I begin making regular payments. And pronto.

Which leads me to surprise number two. I found a second part-time gig. Do you know what that means? No waiting for a smelly bus in a wintry blizzard. No biking along slick, icy roads. No hitchhiking with someone who’d pick up a hitchhiker.

I tell you, life is good. ¹ Be sure to tune in again next week for more hilarious antics.

copyright © 2014 little ittys

¹ Until further notice :o)

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