nailbitingThe end is near, my friends. The signs are all there.

Oh, calm down, I don’t mean Armageddon or anything. I mean me, I’m doomed. You know, jinxed, cursed, damned. Ill-fated is good, too. And I blame Zappos for this latest reversal. That’s right, the online shoe place. They sealed my fate and now I’m in grave fear for my life.

One day, while I was feeling sorry for myself (i.e., having a pity party), I stumbled across a totally great backpack at zappos. It was simple and functional and awesome: midnight blue, cinch and buckle closure, laptop compartment, side zipper access. Perfect. I was defenseless against the temptation. I didn’t care if I couldn’t eat or buy gas, I wanted that backpack.

But when I tried to buy it online I’d get error messages about invalid accounts and other such nonsense. So I switched gears and dialed the 1-800 customer service line. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, right? That, too, went smoothly until I punched in my card number. At that point a recorded message said they had trouble with my information and, please, try again.

Well, after the third attempt, I gave up. Heck, I didn’t need a new backpack. My crappy, old North Face piece of junk would last a while longer. Unfortunately.

But the spirit was on me; I had to buy it.

So I made one last call and asked to speak with a supervisor. When I explained my difficulty he put me on hold. That didn’t bode well, being put on hold never does. But the guy came back on the line promptly and apologized for the trouble. Then sent the backpack for free. On the house. Gratis. I was speechless. I felt high.

Until I remembered my vending machine jackpot. I’d snagged a free bag of SmartFood popcorn when I bought potato chips. The chips had knocked the popcorn off the shelf as they fell, giving me a twofer. Or so I thought.

Turns out, I paid a pretty steep price for the popcorn. I got a case of the shingles almost immediately. See, nothing in my life is free — I wind up paying one way or another. This backpack thing has me scared spitless: I’m afraid to leave the house.

Cross your fingers for me, would you? And buy all your shoes from zappos.com :o) I love them. Still.


copyright © 2014 little ittys

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