remember clark griswold?



See that? That’s holiday lighting, ladies and gentlemen. From New Jersey to North Carolina — as seen from outer space.

Those must be some lights, eh? I mean, space is really far away, so whoa. Who knew red plastic Santa sleighs and reindeer were so damn popular in so many places? Clearly no one can resist the lure of exterior illumination during the holidays. We grab our ladders and staple guns and extension cords and head for the roof. Or the lawn. Wherever.

Between Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and New Year’s, city lights shine 20 to 50% brighter than other times during the year. Surprised? Here’s another factoid: the brightness is more pronounced in suburban areas (a 30 to 50% increase) than in central urban areas (only a 20 to 30% bump). Makes sense, I guess: where do you put a rooftop Santa in an apartment? The shower?

Shine on, people.

clark griswold 2

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