the mountains of illinois

We’re no flatlanders. Not anymore.

snow mtn 2

These days we’re surrounded by grand, soaring peaks of filthy snow, ice balls, road salt, gravel, litter. Anything and everything that could be shoved into a towering heap of ugly went into the making of these massive eyesores. I promise you, it’s not a pleasant sight. It’s downright chilling — no pun intended.

These things are so vast, so expansive, they have their own weather systems. Cold and damp radiate off of them, dropping the air temperature a good 20º. For blocks.

And they’re all over the place — hunkered in parking lots, along roadsides, driveways, sidewalks, everywhere. They crop up every year at this time; winter’s version of locusts. And with my luck, they won’t melt until, oh, June.


copyright © 2015 little ittys

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