serving size?


Somewhere in the world is a poindexter who decides what constitutes a serving. How many pieces or ounces or whatevers. Who is this person and how do they know? I’m curious.

Seems like a patronage job to me, if such an occupation really exists. Think about it, a serving is whatever you eat, right? My serving will be different than yours; maybe bigger, maybe smaller. How can there be a correct measurement? I want that job, please. Those gigs are a breeze, make it up as you go along. If even that’s too much bother, sit at your desk and do crossword puzzles.

Meteorologists have a similar standard; take a guess, flip for it, throw a dart. You cannot make a mistake. Say you predict severe weather, but wind up with rain showers. Heh heh, no harm no foul, right? If it goes the other way, you predict showers and get severe weather? Well, meteorology is still an inexact science, blah blah blah, how’s my hair look? You skate either way.

I get busted for unauthorized Scotch tape.

Where do I send for the magic words?

skatecopyright © 2015 little ittys

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