a cure for boobs

corset Throughout history, politics has been a blighted business. Politicians, and their fluid ‘values,’ serve as the root of the problem. The perks and power, the easy money and easier lifestyle, attract a sordid array of boobs and clowns, sleazebags and ne’er-do-wells. Statesmen? Statewomen? I think not.

Politicians are  a society of bottom-feeders, a greedy, corrupt subspecies who refuse to shut up and go away.

These aren’t public servants, boys and girls, they’re not working for the greater good. Our interests, yours and mine, are inconsequential. Politicians are too busy schmoozing, campaigning, glad-handing, and fund-raising to worry about the 99%. The business of the nation is back-burnered, at best. Their only concern is getting elected and \ or re-elected. Period.

There’s no more shining example of this pathology than Donald Trump — the bankrupt-prone, hair-obsessed, superlative-using, know-it-all currently running for President. Intrump a nutshell, the guy’s white trash with money. Or Dick Cheney for Dummies. Take your pick.

And, since I can, I hereby anoint him King of the Boobs. Now, how does one restrain big, flapping boobs? Exactly, a sturdy bra. Strapped firmly over the mouth.

Get one for a politician near you.


copyright © 2015 little ittys

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