government websites to offer shopping carts

In response to recent break-ins at the IRS and Office of Personnel Management, the federal government is scheduled to begin rolling out new websites next month. The new design will feature shopping carts, like on, for easy convenience.

add to cart

‘We want to be user-friendly, make it less arduous for hackers and saboteurs to browse the merchandise. They’ve got a really tough job, so anything we can do to streamline things we will’, said Michael O’Flaherty, Assistant Junior Director of Virtual Security at the Department of Internet Relations.

Designed to hold the personal data of millions of unsuspecting citizens, the new shopping carts will store vast amounts of sensitive information in one handy, accessible location until checkout. Financial stuff, medical info, driving records, finger prints, social security numbers, the whole enchilada will be available for quick carry-out.

Drive-thru service is expected to be available soon.

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