fat manAnother government shutdown looms. Proving, once again, elected officials are flat-out stumped when it comes to governing. If shutdowns are the best strategy they can come up with, we’re in deep weeds. Clearly, there’s a stunning lack of imagination in DC and the business of the entire country is hostage to the whims of soreheads.

Why can’t they behave like other tantrum-throwers and just hold their breath until they turn blue?

This time they’ve got their knickers in a knot over Planned Parenthood. Isn’t that a riot? The spiteful toadies to extremism are pounding their tiny little fists over abortion. As they work feverishly to eliminate or curtail social programs of all kinds –from childcare assistance to food stamps to subsidized housing.

That’s not only a reflection of their strong family values; it shows the deep, abiding compassion of their Christian faith. They’re very pro-life, you know. Right up until the child is born, then  … hey, where’d they go. Their fury, too, is curiously absent when these children wind up hungry or homeless or abused or, or, with dollar sign

The only solution they’ll consider, in any context for any proposed legislation, is more and deeper tax cuts for the wealthy. Their hypocrisy is brandished boldly, proudly even, and without apology.

Goodbye, America. You were a grand and glorious reality once and it wasn’t all that long ago, either. It’s embarrassing and shameful what politicians have done to this country — with the posturing and self-promoting agendas and grasping for money. The unscrupulous, reprehensible crap they pull is cloaked in patriotism, which somehow allows them to get away with it. If anything, they should be held to a higher standard, but no, they aren’t accountable.

So to paraphrase that dirty, lowdown Donald Trump — yes, I want my country back. From him and everyone like him. Which pretty much covers every politician alive, I think.

There’s a cliff dead ahead. And the clown car they’re steering is hurtling straight for it, while we sit screaming in the backseat. Well, we’d better snap out of it and do something. Write letters, make calls, create a fuss, anything. Otherwise, we’re collaborators in this debacle.

There. I’ve said my piece. Thanks for letting me get it out of my system. Good day.

smiley silocopyright © 2015 little ittys

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