the fall foliage tour

ladies bicycle

Foliage isn’t what I was looking for, the leaves will need another week or so to reach their peak. I just wanted to take pictures of the river. It was a gorgeous afternoon, sunny and warm, and the water looked blue instead of the usual tobacco brown  — a flipping miracle. Besides, my bike was just sitting there waiting to be used.

I hopped on and careened into a glorious day. Traffic wasn’t heavy; I felt sure I could make the harrowing trip across the bridge in one piece. It’s a steep, daunting uphill climb and there’s no bike lane, just a narrow, elevated sidewalk. Too narrow. So freaking narrow I sideswiped the damn bridge railing. I could’ve gone over the side, you know? Splat. Those close calls rattle a person.


I didn’t let it stop me, though — I’m no wuss. But after taking a couple quick shots I realized I’d left my brain at home. When I rode back to get it I ran over broken glass, got a flat tire, and gave up bike riding as a hobby.

The End

pedestrian-98933_640copyright © 2015 little ittys

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