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Logos are the biggest racket in advertising history or were until someone hit on Brand Development. There’s a scam for you. Buzzwords and gibberish and doublespeak. If you want to build a great brand create a great product, provide great customer service, and support it with great advertising. Duh, right?

If you’re interested in getting rich quick, though, set up shop as a logo design studio or a brand consultancy. Bullshit your way to fame and fortune.

You wouldn’t believe what corporate America pays for logo development — millions, tens of millions of dollar$. The developers have created this mystique around their designs that’s so pretentious it’s hilarious. Pages and pages explaining the meaning of a curve, the symbolism behind a gradient. That’s what clients pay for, the pompous, overblown rationale. The real driving force behind the design? The creative team likes the way it looks, it’s so effing keen.

Not to marginalize the impact of an awesome logo on image building, but it’s one element. An important one, sure, but an ingredient nonetheless.

The miracle cure for lackluster sales and a dormant, overlooked brand is pretty damn simple. Dazzling, mind-blowing advertising. Corporate America doesn’t know what that is. Well, more than likely they do, but they’re a-skeered of it, offended at the idea such shenanigans might work wonders for their stodgy, old companies.

Advertisers prefer talking to themselves, behavior that would land you and I in a padded room. Well, it’s just as crazy to spend millions producing crap the entire population will ignore. Crazier, even. You and I can talk to ourselves for nothing and, at the very least, attract the attention of mental health professionals.

chaise longuecopyright © 2015 little ittys

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