today’s fortune

IMG_0244_cropped copy

Are you kidding? You think I planned to look like this? It’s freaking windy outside, okay? And I walked all the way here. Half a mile, in gale force conditions. I’m lucky to be alive; I considered riding my bike. If I had I’d be somewhere over Ohio now.

I didn’t realize the wind was so strong — it’s blowing a steady 19 mph, with gusts up to 22 and out of the west. The area is under a wind advisory, whatever that means.

Well, this is what happens when there aren’t any leaves or flowers or shrubbery to stand in the way, there’s nothing to slow it down. Except me. I was the only idiot pedestrian in sight, getting blown from parking meter to light pole to mailbox. Everyone else was inside, enjoying the balmy breezes of forced air heating. Lucky stiffs.

So, give me some slack, okay? And don’t judge me on appearances. My disheveled, fresh from a centrifuge look isn’t a personal choice. Although it makes a powerful statement — it’s effing windy.

I’ll try again tomorrow, but remember: I’m no Donna Reed even on my best day.


copyright © 2015 little ittys

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