counting blessings on thanksgiving


In the interest of full disclosure, it was Thanksgiving Eve and I was at an ATM getting cash for the laundromat.

Come to think of it, an ATM is an appropriate place to count one’s blessings. It dispenses them in $20 denominations. And as I swiped my card I noticed someone had left their receipt in the machine. I do that occasionally and it makes me nervous; I’m convinced it’s an invitation for thievery. It probably isn’t, but why tempt fate?

I grabbed it to keep it from falling into the wrong hands — and because I’m nosy — and then I clapped eyes on the available balance. $11,955.55. In checking.

Whoa, my eyes popped. Imagine the balance in savings, I thought. Then the ATM whirred and my puny $20 rolled out, along with my receipt. My available balance was $136.37.

I feel woefully shortchanged.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

copyright © 2015 little ittys

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