what was Hitler missing?

hitlerHe was missing a testicle. Seriously, the dude was light in the scotum.

According to medical notes from a check-up in 1923, der Führer suffered from a clear case of ‘right-side cryptorchidism’ — also known as an undescended right testicle. Dr. Josef Steiner Brin, the examining physician, declared Hitler was otherwise ‘healthy and strong.’ Those very medical records popped up at an auction in 2010 and were promptly seized by authorities of the Bavarian government.

Apparently, there’d been speculation about Hitler’s missing cajone for decades, with the most common rumor being he’d lost it during the Battle of the Somme in World War I. Well, he didn’t lose it; the testicle was hiding. Do you blame it?

Maybe Hitler’s half-empty scrotum was just nature’s way of draining the gene pool of ghastly hairdos and Antichrist tendencies. And by applying that logic we can thereby deduce Donald Trump is, likewise, a cryptorchid.

copyright © 2015 little ittys

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