what’s wrong with this picture?

fat truck 2

Everything. But let’s start with the truck itself. That is a truck, right? It appears to have the square footage of a boxcar. And are those side view mirrors or medicine cabinets mounted on the doors? Notice, too, the wide, load-bearing hips. What self-respecting man buys a truck with hips? Ah, I see, the hips accommodate the extra tires.

Who needs a truck that freakishly oversized? Someone with serious issues is my guess, judging by the obnoxious parking job. Him’s doesn’t want door dings on his precious wittle twuck, so he takes up two full spaces, allowing plenty of room for clearance. A good two to three feet on each flank by my estimate. This being the holidays, when everyone and their uncle is looking for a parking place, behavior of this sort really chaps my cheeks.

Some yahoo runs out and buys a flashy, ginormous truck, then refuses to abide by the most basic rules of conduct. Heck, I’ve seen Hummers wedged into spaces clearly designated for Subcompacts. No one factors in the consequences when they buy these beasts and they ignore reality when faced with it. It used to be the luxury car crowd — drivers of Jaguars and Mercedes and BMWs — who hogged too much space. Now it’s monster trucks and titanic SUVs, vehicles with pituitary problems. It’s just so annoying.

And one last thing: check out the weather. Grim and wet and cold and wintry. Four words that should never, ever be in the same sentence. We need to think warm thoughts, people. It’s time to send winter on its way and beckon spring to get a move on.

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5 thoughts on “what’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Not a truck owner, are you? And probably never worked on a farm, ranch, or in a business that necessitates heavy equipment.

    The truck’s big because it has to be for the work it has to do. The dually wheels are positioned to spread out an immense amount of weight over four tires instead of two, This way the truck can haul and tow much more weight with greater torque. Think horse trailers, flat bed trailers full of supplies and equipment, and camping trailers.

    When you’ve got a large vehicle, you have to be creative about parking it around town. You can’t fit into regular-sized parking spots and still open your door–and nobody next to you would be able to open their door, either. So, you’ve got to make sure nobody parks right next to you and that you aren’t impeding anyone. Also, your longer length means your turning radius is larger so you need more space to maneuver, too.

    The kindest, most logical thing to do is what you see in this picture. They parked out of the way in a space far away from everybody else (no vehicles for several spaces on either side) and walked their ass all the way up to the front door. Look in the back of any parking lot and you’ll see all the oversized trucks, RVs, trucks with trailers attached, delivery vehicles, etc. They do this to make everybody’s life easier and to not be a dick.

    Whether any of this actually soaks in will be up to you. I’m sticking up for my fellow truck owners out there; we put in a long day’s work to pay for our equipment. Next time you find yourself judging something just by looking at it, take a moment. Better yet, walk up to the person and ask. You’ll be smarter by the end of the day for free.

    PS: A white truck is not “flashy,” it’s the cheapest color you can buy. This guy got the bargain basement model; it’s definitely a work truck.

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    1. Not every pickup truck is used for its intended purpose. I felt pretty safe concluding this one wasn’t since it was a Monday afternoon at Target and the immediate aftermath of an icing event that brought down trees all over the city. The white truck hadn’t a smudge or a splatter on it. And it was parked right next to me, not in the far reaches. The driver walked no farther than I did.

      People buy trucks for a variety of reasons, not always work related. Same thing with SUVs and panel vans and whatever Hummers are classifed as. I should have been clearer. Sorry.

      And I admire you for taking a stand.

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