2 thoughts on “on the merry road to ruin

  1. I did a class on typography on skillshare. And wow are you ever right. I just can’t keep that much focus on it. I lost interest long before we even got to the part that is fun.
    But I am glad I took the class because it is eye opening and it now wonderful to note all the signs in the world. To recognize the good, the bad, the just plain wrong, and the absolutely perfect…
    It makes me more aware of the world around me now because I’m busy noticing the signage.

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    1. Good for you. I’m sorry you didn’t get to the fun part, though. I’m hoping there is one, especially if I go to all the trouble of figuring it out. So far I’ve mostly downloaded fonts and decided I don’t like heavy, bold faces. Oh, and I’ve learned Helvetica is way overused.

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