cut that out

chain sawThe 15 Words You Don’t Need to Use.

According to Time magazine and, no one has the time or attention span to plow through long-winded texts and emails and such. They suggest we economize by eliminating the following words from our writing:

» That » Went » Honestly » Absolutely » Very » Really » Amazing » Always » Never » Literally » Just » Maybe » Stuff » Things » Irregardless.

Now, brevity is good, I like brevity. Snappy, too. Concise, tightly-worded statements are terrific things — for instruction manuals and prescription labels. Honestly, they are. And too many people write as if they have a really high word count to meet. Irregardless, is it absolutely necessary to erase every trace of personality and flavor from writing? We need that stuff. Literally.

Informal, conversational text requires a very casual approach to grammar. Words like amazing maybe aren’t necessary, but they’re never off-putting or shirty. Besides, there are worse words and I suggest we eliminate these, instead:barfing in toilet

» Fart » Moist » Vomit » Fornication
» Paradigm » Outside-the-box » Grunt
» Fistule » Trump » Bowel » Dystopia
» Scrotum » Ointment » Coruscating » Conversate

Just saying.

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