daylight saving time has drawbacks?

hat faceThat’s a dirty lie; take it back.

Sunshine and warmer days are divine harbingers of spring, no downside exists. Unless you’re Dracula. Or a Yeti.

Or, sure, a medical researcher — the Chicken Littles of throostere Universe. Those wimps are in a tizzy over circadian rhythms and disrupted sleep cycles and the grave, mortal danger they pose to all mankind. Researchers say the days following the time change bring a higher risk of strokes and heart attacks, as well as a rise in fatal car crashes and depression. Others, we’ll call them the lunatic fringe, see daylight saving as a example of heavy-handed government intrusion.

Me? I adore springing forward, loathe falling back. But, to my great surprise, I’m undetree_barergoing a complete change of heart. Winter, I’ve decided, should be dark. Who wants to see naked trees and a stark, barren landscape? Not I. Shroud it in darkness, mask it from view, that’s fine with me. Dirty, gray snowbanks and tree branches frozen in supplication aren’t a delight to behold. No one enjoys seeing eyesores like that, so, yes, by all means, turn off the goddam light.

And leave it off until the dazzling, hopeful days leading to spring. Then I’ll drink it all in — the buds and shoots and blossoms preparing to burst into life —  and I’ll celebrate with the wild abandon of a lottery winner.

So we lose an hour of sleep, big deal; take a nap. And happy springtime to you and yours.

pickets_flowerscopyright © 2016 little ittys

6 thoughts on “daylight saving time has drawbacks?

  1. I’m with you – I like having more light in the evenings. One hour of change seems trivial, maybe a day or two to adjust. Folks who have trouble with a one hour change should try real jet lag.

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    1. I’m happy to give up an hour of sleep for another hour of daylight. Not so happy to get it back when the daylight goes, too. Although I doubt if I’d like living where the sun never sets. Is that Alaska? Finland? One of the Poles? All of the above? None?

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    1. I wonder if that will ever happen. Some business interests prefer standard time, others want daylight saving. Won’t it be interesting to see who’ll win — if it ever reaches that point?


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