call your mother

phone_heartI wish I could, this sending a card business is for the birds. No matter how long it’s been or how old I get, I still miss talking to my mother. Some days more than others, but the sense of loss is always there. And probably will be forevermore.

hugNot unsurprisingly, research indicates talking on the phone with your mom is good for you. Almost as good as a hug, in fact. It reduces cortisol, a key stress hormone, and ups the oxytocin level — a feel-good brain chemical. So go on, give her a call and make her day. Better yet, make her laugh.

I’d give an arm to hear her do that again. It’s what I miss most I think. You see, my dear old mom had a world-class laugh, loud and exuberant and impulsive. She’d just erupt, whooom, and collapse into a chair. I miss that. And the way she’d pretend not to be home when I’d stop by. Oh, and those eyes, the way they’d cross when I yattered on. Well, everything, really.

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