boobus americanus

trumpHow did this happen? How did a vulgar, short-fingered megalomaniac with cotton candy hair become a presidential option? Oy.

It was funny at first, because the possibility seemed so remote and because he was so horribly, preposterously unseemly. Now? Not so funny. He’s likely to be the Republican nominee for President of these United States and gain genuine credibility. Albeit only among politicians and numbskulls — a big, scary chunk of the population.

Regular thinking people are piping up with dramatic threats of leaving the country, which surely has every politician in DC shaking in their boots. Scared spitless, no doubt.

Wake up. We need to stop sitting on our hands and do something. Anything. Or before you know it, President Trumsewerp will be the face of America. Is that what you want? To be linked with that boob? To get dragged into the sewer with him. Not me, I like living above-ground, thank you. Sewers are too dark and damp, too Les Misérables for my comfort. So would you join me in a fervent prayer seeking divine intervention:

Dear God, make Donald Trump shut up and go away. Put Tom Hanks on the ballot, instead. Or Homer Simpson. Amen. ¹

copyright © 2016 little ittys


¹ Repeat on the half-hour until the danger is safely passed.

4 thoughts on “boobus americanus

  1. Eff prayer! What we need is a ton more ridicule, satire, organized and vibrant comedic dismissal of the Donald’s squishy orange facade of superiority. If we can’t put a permanent pin in that big a balloon, we deserve him.

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