: in memoriam :

holeEight months later and the ineffable sadness of losing the dog abides. Is that normal? Shouldn’t I be over it by now? I’m not.

missing_2colWhat with this being Memorial Day and all, now seems a fine time for an homage. He, too, deserves to remembered. Grand and devoted and warmhearted, the Bartman was also a defiant pain in the neck — a characteristic I came to admire, although it pissed me off no end. Plus, he contributed 15 years of staunch, unflagging service. Not to the country per se, but to me — which should earn him, if not glory, admiration.

I’m no picnic, trust me. I’m demanding, stubborn, unpredictable, reckless, well, let’s say difficult and leave it at that. Life with me may well be hairier than a hitch in the military and certainly more arduous. On many a winter night he was my captive under the covers — a spot he didn’t favor — because I was cold and he was a living, breathing, disgruntled heating pad.

For that and so very much more, I tip my hat to the little dude who gave his all. I miss him, still and always.



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