the trip to nowhere

elevatorWith the library only open two more hours I was operating under a time crunch. I breezed through the lobby small talking with the librarians on my way to the elevator and the second floor. I prefer the second floor only because it’s a touch warmer; the first floor is the freezer section. Penguins would be at home there.

Happily, the elevator was actually waiting when I reached it, so I hopped on. What made this ride different from the thousands of others was forgetting to press ‘2’. I just stood in an empty, motionless 4″ x 4″ steel box, a place with the ambiance of a bank vault, and waited. Staring straight ahead, unconscious of my inertia.

A minute passed, maybe a minute and a half, before it dawned on me: I hadn’t pushed a button. Not ‘2’, not ‘open door’, not ‘alarm’, nothing.

buttonIt’s okay, though, there’s no reason to panic. I suffer from chronic scatterbrain syndrome. The inside of my head hums with activity, it’s busy as a beehive up there. And reality doesn’t command my attention the way it should. My mind is off on tangents, zigging and zagging, chasing its own tail mostly. Instead of being concerned or fearful, I embrace these foibles as a natural part of life.

Standing in an elevator bound for nowhere isn’t cause for alarm, it’s a chance to think. So I hadn’t pressed ‘2’. Big deal. These escapades are a nice break in the day. Besides, I like surprises, they’re very entertaining.

laughcopyright © 2016 little ittys

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