you didn’t miss the funeral

hearseBecause there wasn’t one; I’m still alive. Broken and banged up, sure, but still above ground.

I could lie and tell you I fell down the old well and it took forever for rescuers to find me. Or I could really lie and say I’ve been negotiating a huge book deal. But I was a Girl Scout and continue to be bound by the oath. The truth is, I had a dumb bicycle accident and spent 9 long days in the hospital.

Now it’s time to put that behind me and move along. I’m a little off my game, but I’m slowly working my way back to normalcy. Speaking of, did you know normalcy was considered the uneducated alternative to normality? I didn’t. I thought it was just the opposite; normality was the wrong-headed term. These days, however, normalcy is accepted as standard.

tunnelNormal is what I wanted to be when I grew up, you know. Not some dork speeding into a tunnel on a bike and misjudging the turn. Yeah, well, it’s good to have a dream, I guess. Anyway, I’m back and expect to have a brand new post ready to go in no time flat. I mean it. You can take that as a threat or a promise, either way is fine.

Thank you for your patience. And remember to wear a helmet. All the time. Body armor, too.


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8 thoughts on “you didn’t miss the funeral

  1. Brain injury?
    If so, don’t rush the healing. You’ll heal at it’s own pace. Work hard in therapies but don’t get frustrated.

    I sustained a brain injury 5 years ago. It’s been a long journey but things are so much better than they were.

    Be well. Never give up hope

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    1. No, oddly enough, no brain injury. I bashed my head and needed staples, but my chest and shoulder got the worst of it. A punctured lung, broken shoulder and rib.

      I’m glad to hear you’ve bounced back, gives me hope I’ll do the same. Thanks for the encouragement!


        1. I’m finding that out. I’ve been so determined to prove I’m not hurt that I’ve set myself back. Today, though, I haven’t changed out of my pjs.

          If all goes well I hope to be biking again by autumn. But a more practical goal is next spring.


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