no more foot dragging

nudgeSurely you’re familiar with the term ‘early adopter’? It refers to someone who instantly embraces new technology, long before others have even heard of it. Another word for them is geeks. They’re first in line for any fancy new gizmo. They closely monitor release dates and stay on top of tech rumors, all that stuff. ~~ ho flipping hum ~~

That is not me. I have an iPhone 5 and a 2007 MacBook running an operating system so ancient I’m barred from even the most basic updates, including those from Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Browsers, for crying out loud, do you believe that? They refuse to support OS 10.6.8, the smug bastards.

Well, who needs them? We’ve tootled along fine, creaking and limping, but everything got done eventually. Besides, I’m in no hurry to drop a couple grand on a new computer. Or I wasn’t, until the frustrations of a failing machine nudged me into the Apple Store and a refurbished MacBook Pro. It’s only a year old, with all brand new parts — except for the logic board. The price was, by far, it’s most seductive feature; I could actually afford it.


To my surprise, I’m not the Apple fan I used to be. I’m much less susceptible to their shiny, ultra hip veneer, but still an ardent admirer of their simple functionality. And a huge sucker for their packaging. It’s so flat out gorgeous I hate to open it. I feel as if I’m defacing artwork, so I wash my hands thoroughly and use an Xacto blade (only because I don’t have a scalpel) to remove the plastic. From that point on, I’m hypnotized by the sheer beauty of the components.

Something so lovely shouldn’t be used for working. It should be displayed, beheld in its splendor. And it will be, by God, because I recently learned software and upgrades are no longer for sale. They’re only available for rent — in perpetuity and ad infinitum. Heh, Adobe stinks.

greedycopyright © 2016 little ittys

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