the most overused image in business communications

handshakeBy business communications, I mean advertising and marketing, those things. Their purpose is to draw your eye, capture your interest, and hold it long enough to sell you something, right? Well, good luck to them, they’ll need to buy an idea, first.

Because the handshake is the graphic equivalent of white noise. It blends right in and disappears, leaving no impression or memory of its existence. Its popularity, however, is boundless and eternal. When the handshake appears in any form of communication, it sends one clear, unmistakable message: a failure of imagination has occurred. Somewhere.

It’s versatile, I’ll give you that, as inoffensive and generic as a white shirt. You can display it anywhere, for anything, and no one will be annoyed or impressed or even notice, just bored. Yet, the handshake lives on in the world of business-to-business advertising.

Oddly, that type of dull, predictable thinking creates a perfect environment: a place where it’s easybutt sniffing to stand out from the crowd. Simply run an ad with an idea and a compelling image, something different, something unusual and fun and expressive. The first ones who do will clean up.

That’s the proper way to build a brand.


copyright © 2016 little ittys

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