note from a former republican

non-plussedI’ve done a lot of really stoopid things in my lifetime, yet voting for Donald Trump won’t be among them. That’s where I draw the line. Unless it’s for Lunatic of the Month at the Happy Meadows Asylum, then maybe. At least he has an excuse for his disturbing behavior; he’s nuts. The Republican party’s behavior, however, is simply inexcusable.

Their concern is clearly and demonstrably not for America or for its citizens. Their only interest is regaining power, whatever the cost. To this end, they’ve willfully and knowingly thrown the entire country under the bus and work assiduously to elect a wholly unfit Republican candidate.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, though. Republicans since Reagan havhotdoge become progressively meaner and greedier and more intolerant of all but the wealthy. But Trump? How can anyone in good conscience stand beside this case study of misogyny and xenophobia? How do they justify their support when they’re well aware of his dangerously unhinged fantasies, of his erratic, unstable nature, and his unrestrained bullying.

Twice, now, he’s advocated violence against his opponent. How can that even be legal? Let alone moral or ethical or just plain civilized? And still the GOP supports his election.

Fine, but I won’t join them in the sewer. Adios, pinheads.

manholecopyright © 2016 little ittys

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