wishing you a speedy recovery

doorhangerAll around the world, in every village and every land, people are in agonizing, self-inflicted pain.

They’re busy holding a pounding head or a churning stomach, maybe an enlarged liver. Others are running for restrooms and aspirin. The day will be spent quietly — nursing bruised egos and trying to forget the antics of last night. Some are praying the police don’t call.

ice-packIt’s New Year’s Day, boys and girls, otherwise known as the Day After. So I’ll keep this short and low-key. I don’t judge, but I do gloat. I’m hangover-free. If that sounds like bragging, it isn’t. It’s a sad admission: I’ve succumbed to sensible, a sure sign of age. Or else I’m bored with throwing up; I’ve never been much of a drinker.

Fine, I’ll be quiet now and tiptoe away. But I had to stop and wish everyone the kind of year where dreams really do come true. Now, you go on, crawl back under the covers. And don’t worry, you’ll be right as rain tomorrow — probably.


copyright © 2017 little ittys

8 thoughts on “wishing you a speedy recovery

      1. What I’m suffering from is a head cold these last few days. I sipped a “gourmet” beer and a NyQuil chaser while watching the ball drop. I wanted to make sure Times Square was safe from a terrorist attack before turning in…was under the covers reading by 11:15.


        1. We had similar celebrations. I was up until 2:30, but that’s not unusual. Instead of the ball drop, I watched the Gilmore Girls 6th season. It was the best I could come up with.



          1. Draining as it was, I liked it a lot. I feel cheated when stories end all tied up in a neat bow 🎁 This one trudges through unbearable sorrow, survives and carries on the best it can under the circumstances. Like real life in persevering people.


          2. I’m tired just reading about it. You know what series I loved? Grace & Frankie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. I like silly.

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