a salute to the peabrains

With the imminent incursion of Trump and his squalid band of toadies, let’s remind ourselves of what America used to be, back in the glory days. The days when people smiled instead of sneered. When politicians were quaintly smarmy rather than fervidly unscrupulous. When dignity and self-restraint went hand in hand with modesty.

Remember those days? They’re hard to imagine now, but that was the American way — before the swamp was drained and a feculent sewer installed upon the return of the brand spanking new Congress. Straight into the noxious effluvium went Ethics and National Security and Intelligence and every shred of human decency. Next in line are healthcare, the environment, and all hope for the future.

So let’s cling to the memories and symbols of happier bygone times. They’ll be our touchstones as we grope and careen through the grim, unnerving reality of now.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

5 thoughts on “a salute to the peabrains

    1. I don’t do hate – feel free to take a look at my posts and see what they say. Liberal? Yes – people matter, the environment matters. I’m not big on powerful or rich people using their power or money for their own gain whilst harming others, if that’s what you mean.


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