something else trump gets wrong

Good golly, it was hard to settle on only one, but I can’t waste my entire life explaining why the dude is a colossal blowhard, a gifted con artist, and a danger to society. I need to sleep, too. And eat. See a movie now and again. So, in the interest of time, I went with the obvious: his exaggerated sense of endorsement.

DJT insists his twitter numbers are a measure of his popularity; a show of overwhelming support. He’s wrong. They’re a reaction to his ghastly, cheapjack conduct. We can’t look away from the sideshow. People everywhere are spellbound by the unseemly, childish rantings of a soon-to-be President of the United States. We’re helpless captives to the histrionics of a madman.

His tweets have the same impact as a horror movie. Or an accident. Or a cataclysmic disaster. They’re flabbergasting and engrossing.

Watching a grown man self-destruct is a riveting spectacle. So in that respect, Trump doesn’t disappoint. But, as a human being, yikes — he’s a train wreck, a mockery of all that’s decent and honorable and sane. We can’t help but marvel at the stupendously flagrant arrogance of denying behavior captured on film, at fanciful lies and warped distortions and that ridiculous hairdo.

Trump is clearly aware of the growing acrimony, but he’s not about to let on. He’s determined to bluff and hector his way through. At the latest press conference, The Donald planted staff members in the audience to cheer and applaud his half-witted pronouncements. Sad.

I read somewhere 200 buses have applied for parking permits on the day of the inauguration. And for the Women’s March on Washington the following day, 1,200 buses applied to park in DC. Obama’s 2009 inauguration, by way of comparison, saw more than 3,000 charter buses registered for parking permits.

In summation, the old geezer knows he’s outclassed, so he lashes out with vituperative personal attacks. That’s the only weapon in his quiver. Not reason or logic or even good judgment. Invective is all Trump’s got. And he’s a disgraceful embarrassment.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

copyright © 2017 little ittys

7 thoughts on “something else trump gets wrong

    1. I mean it when I say I can’t live like this. The stress of having that clown in charge of a country, any country, is too overwhelming. It’s a constant fire alarm. He’s going to be impeached, he has to be, it just won’t come soon enough to suit me. Help.

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    1. He’s a train wreck. And my greatest hope is that he’ll be impeached or quit in a huff before the year is out. Trump’s stepped way past shady …

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        1. Impeached is good, I’m fine with that. Run out of town on rails, tarred and feathered, committed to an asylum, restraining order, eviction, I’m flexible.

          By the way, did I hear a lawsuit will be filed against him for violating the Emoluments clause as soon as he takes the oath of office? Or am I dreaming?


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