the trespassing

Inauguration day passed in a fog, the honest-to-goodness weather kind. A thick shroud of gloom rolled in mid-week and stuck around, restricting visibility and cloaking the world in sinister intentions.

Frankly, I don’t need assistance. I’m well able to conjure nightmarish scenarios all by myself. I can spot a lurid monster under the bed and in the White House, snap, like that. Disaster looms large in my imagination lately. It’s doubly eerie when it’s swirling outside the window, too. But never fear, the nasty weather will clear up. The forecast for the new government isn’t nearly as assuring.

So I put the tv on mute and took refuge in a book, The Trespassers by Tana French. Great book. But I didn’t cotton on to the irony of the title until that very day — Inauguration Day 2017. ‘Trespassers’ is a bang on characterization of the Trump administration. They blithely and eagerly trespass against the most basic rules of decency — truth and kindness, humility, dignity, no need to list them here. Now, to my horror, they’re official.

Trump has the rectitude and sleazy morals of a cult leader, with a doctrine of bigotry and darkness to go along with it. He happily promotes his warped agenda with plagiarized assistance and bald-faced lies, lifting dialogue from Batman movies to sound tough and photos from Obama’s inauguration to distort the reality of his own undersized audience. Sad.

Over the course of the day I caught a headline about ‘American carnage’ and I thought, wait, the pot’s calling the kettle black? That effer is the carnage. And the terrorist. And the biggest threat facing America, bar none. So, today, I’m at sixes and sevens, groping along in a bewildered daze; I’ve lost my footing. America is no longer reliable. It’s no longer comforting or safe. It’s no longer home.

A siege mentality has set in while the country is trespassed against by a kleptocratic megalomaniac and the wee, but strategically placed, band of suckers who bought his brand of fear mongering bullshit. Which reminds me, I have some terrific, top-notch, very classy swampland for sale. Great terms. Outstanding terms. Call me.

PS. Okay, I have to ask: what is with the squinting? Passing a stone? Makeup too heavy? What?

copyright © 2017 little ittys

2 thoughts on “the trespassing

  1. There. Somebody put into words the frightening chaos I’m feeling in my gut. Now I don’t feel so isolated & scared 😱…Well, not really. But thank you for defining it. Visual people like me need writers like you to stop the swirling imagery in our psyches.

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