why I love this country

A Greenpeace banner unfurled behind the White House on Wednesday.  Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images


Because of this, a robust, uncowed contempt for the malice, greed, and corruption running rampant in DC. To our great disappointment, America’s politicians have become a national disgrace — Republican and Democrat. They’ve relinquished every ideal, every thread of integrity, to serve as Trump’s doormats.

Remember the passengers on United’s Flight 93, the one hijacked on September 11, 2001? Rather than sit idle while the plane was flown into the Capitol or the White House, they rose up in defense of the country. Ordinary people, not military or police or trained security, just average citizens who refused to cower. Their resistance saved the government from total chaos; all 40 passengers and crew died in the crash.

The current government is an insult to their memory. That includes not only the White House, but the Senate and House of greedRepresentatives, as well. They’re an embarrassment.

So, it’s up to us, you and me, to defend the country from the zealots and rapacious cowards stripping this country bare. Get up and resist. Call your congressional representative. Write a letter to the editor. Start a petition. Join a march. Become an obstacle, a nuisance, a rabble-rouser, defiant, just pick one.

Ready? Let’s roll.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

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