my new happy place

Did you know earth’s atmosphere has five layers? It’s like a cake. There’s the troposphere, the lowest region, with the stratosphere above that, then the mesosphere, the thermosphere, and, finally, the exosphere. The exosphere marks the edge of space and has very few molecules. It’s roughly 300 miles above sea level.

With so little particle density it’s tough to tell where the exosphere ends and outer space begins. The upper exospheric boundary could actually be as high as 120,000 miles — halfway to the moon. It’s a great spot for satellites to orbit, because of the minimal disruption from molecular interference.

And, bingo, just like that I’ve found my new bike trail. With so little molecular interference it meets all my requirements — no foreign objects to ride into or over or swerve around or fall on. Plus, the exosphere sounds like a swell place to wait out the debacle known as the Trump administration. pfft, administration. I crack myself up.

ding, ding — exosphere, here I come.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

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