a note to the senate gop

I, too, will persist. I’ll call a racist a racist. I’ll yell fire when there’s fire. I’ll call elected government officials spineless toadies and the President a dangerously vacant kleptocrat. I’m allowed to do that.

You see, this isn’t one of Trump’s gaudy, over-decorated properties. This is America; the Constitution makes the rules. Not him and not his enablers in the Senate and the House. You’re supposed to preside over them. Let me see if I can explain: the Constitution acts as the operating instructions for the United States. It’s our rule book.

You can engage in semantics, twist and distort and misinterpret; you can duck and dodge and dismiss and overlook until the cows come home, but the Constitution is our protection from power-hungry zealots, such as the GOP has become. Mr. Trump is merely a loose cannon, a loud distraction broken loose from his moorings. The House and the Senate, meanwhile, steadily and assiduously supply the shells.

You are a disgrace.

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll consider myself warned and I don’t need your self-serving explanations. But you can rest assured, I’ll persist. Rebuke that, you gasbags.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

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