the cost of cowardice

$21.6 billion (or $67.73 ± per person) for a harebrained, scaredy cat scheme to build a wall along the Mexican border.

Money aside, does anyone really believe a wall is going to protect us? Let me rephrase that, does any reasonable person believe a wall will protect us? And from what threat? We have an effing lunatic in the White House. A man so frightened, so delusional he’ll only engage with a select, hand-picked group of sycophants and yes men and assorted like-minded bigots.

Now, with revelations of his chummy Russian connections, he refuses even to provide an explanation or engage in a rational discussion of his highly suspicious activities. Instead, he goes after the leaker. He’s outraged, to say the least. How dare anyone reveal his furtive, possibly treasonous, behavior.

That isn’t a threat to the security of the United States? His companies owe hundreds of millions to banks in Russia, in China, the Middle East, all around the world. Why do you think he wants to roll back Wall Street regulations — he owes them. Bigly. And he hasn’t the balls or the brains or the morals to react any differently.

In simplest terms, the President of the United States is a deadbeat; a slippery, nimble deadbeat. He’s spent a lifetime skipping away from collapsed businesses, financial catastrophes, bad marriages, and atrocious judgment. He dodged the draft, too — not once, but five times. He’s dodged taxes and reality.

Strong, confident men just don’t act like he does. Chicken Little, she behaved like Trump. The only difference is, he’s not averse to making the sky fall to prove his point.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

6 thoughts on “the cost of cowardice

    1. I keep hoping. But he scheduled a rally with his supporters this weekend — obviously, he’s feeling the heat and needs admiration from his, um, groupies.

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