um, fetch?

I lose things.

Big things, small things, tangible and intangible, even things that exist on other planes. All the usual suspects go missing on a more or less regular basis — keys, names, etc. Loss doesn’t surprise me, I expect it.

In the last couple of weeks alone I’ve lost my wallet, two unrelated socks, a flash drive, and a fork. To my chagrin, I realized my wallet was missing only when I got a voicemail from a good Samaritan telling me she’d found it on a sidewalk. That’s how disengaged I am from reality. I’m oblivious.

The loss I find most baffling, though, is the fork. How does a person lose flatware? I looked high, I looked low; I looked hither and yon; up and down, under and over. It was nowhere in sight, so I stopped looking. Then yesterday, as I went about my business, I spotted the fork in the dish drainer. My eyes popped and my jaw fell. Wha … where had it come from?

I’d washed it, I guess, but without noticing. No bells went off. No aha moment was sparked. I’ve no idea when it returned. That’s disturbing. Things come, things go, and life carries on as before.

Or did until I lost every bit of faith in these United States.

My trust is gone and life will never again be quite the same. In two short months, a country whose decency I’d never seriously questioned has become a scary, malicious specter. This government, with its vast corruption and boundless greed, is a pernicious threat to everything I believed and admire.

Congratulations, Mr. Trump; hats off to the GOP.  You’re an unparalleled disgrace to civilization. Now, get lost.

 copyright © 2017 little ittys

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