| is america great yet? |

Well, not quite. After 100± days of President Horribilis — the longest, bleakest 100 days in memory — the demolition isn’t complete.

Mr. Trump has made enormous strides, though, dismantling this beleaguered country. When he isn’t turning the clock back to 600 a.d. or pissing off various world leaders, he’s repurposing government resources to promote Trump properties and Ivanka’s cheesy clothing line.

For instance, he used the State Department website to peddle Mar-a-Lago, his garish resort in Palm Beach, rhapsodizing about its opulence. The State Department eventually caved to criticism of the blatant misuse of taxpayer funds and removed the page. Then, too, Trump and his parasitic family of ticks must travel the world on their endless private, for-profit ventures — at enormous cost to manpower and government funds.

The Donald does take occasional breaks from enriching his portfolio at taxpayer expense to make sure those same taxpayers derive no benefits from government operations whatsoever. Meals on Wheels, healthcare, the arts and humanities, public education, affordable housing, environmental protections, Internet privacy laws, national parks, all those have to go. Pronto.

Now, along with the repealing and colluding, Trump is demanding a yuge tax cut, yu-u-u-u-uge, to benefit the wealthy and corporate America, e.g., himself. Never mind the fact it will plunge the U.S. into catastrophic debt, it’s the only business plan he has in his toolkit. Spend money you don’t have and can’t repay, then skip on to the next fiasco. Bankruptcy as a way of life.

The best way to protect ourselves from this bloated, corrupt, self-promoting gas bag is to fill the White House with mirrors — affix them to floors, windows and closets, drawers, cabinets, everywhere. Trump will be spellbound, completely besotted with his own reflection and maybe forget to destroy civilization.

Of course, then we’re left with the GOP, Mr. Trump’s aiders and abettors. Those dudes are evil, the flying monkeys of American politics. Where, oh where, are my ruby slippers?

copyright © 2017 little ittys

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