we are here

Finally. Welcome to Memorial Day, boys and girls, the most delightful damn day of the calendar year. The pools are open and churning with water! Summer is indeed upon us.

I live for this day. It’s better than Halloween, April Fools, even Christmas. It’s a day to be warm, basking under a golden sun and weightlessly buoyant in a body of water. Any body of water.  There is no better, freer feeling in the world, my friends. None.

Flying off diving boards and starting blocks. Smelling of chlorine and zinc oxide. Swimming practice at 8:00, swimming meets on Sundays. That was my summer — Memorial Day to Labor Day. I spent a lifetime in a Speedo and damp is my natural state. Wearing clothes, dry ones without a bathing suit underneath, was an uncomfortable, foreign feeling in summertime.

I miss those days. Or maybe it’s the kid I miss; the exuberant, unruly little whirlwind I used to be. There was no feat too daring, no risk too great. Consequences, you see, didn’t exist. Such things as backlash and failure weren’t considerations. I was familiar with repercussions, of course, getting busted was just standard practice. I got away with nothing and I didn’t care.

Ah, to be young again. Bravery comes naturally when there’s nothing at stake. When it’s summer and your whole life is before you, packed with wonder and possibilities. Kind of puts the valiant heroism of military veterans into its proper perspective.

They, too, were young with their lives yet ahead. The difference is, they knew the terrible risks and took them, anyway. There is no deed more heroic. So take a moment to honor them. Let’s celebrate the freedom they’ve so graciously and selflessly provided. Don’t waste it. Be considerate of one another, lend a hand where it’s needed, give something back somehow, somewhere.

And to the dopes in D.C., grow up. You’re a flipping disgrace and an embarrassment to everything America once stood for. Shame on you.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

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