mr. trump responds

As he does in the aftermath of unsettling world events, the President of the United States fled to twitter and shot off a typically self-involved message.

As a human being, Mr. Trump is dreadful. As a politician, however, he’s a flaming catastrophe. His moral outrage would carry a lot more weight if he had some — morals, that is. He’s utterly devoid of any such quality. A quick look at his five months in office offers pretty stark evidence of his acrimony.

He’s eager to endanger the planet by pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord. Happy to loosen gun restrictions. Tickled pink to yank healthcare out from under 24 million people. Fine with denying food to children and families and the elderly. But immigrants, well, they’re the terrorists.

Where is karma?

Meanwhile, the British, indomitable survivors of blitzkriegs and Vikings, will go on about business as usual. They have a leader with courage and reason, after all, someone who considers the greater good. America, by contrast, has Chicken Little.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

7 thoughts on “mr. trump responds

    1. We can thank the Republican Party. Their greed for power is boundless and the interests of the country are at odds with their super wealthy contributors. So under the bus we go. They’ll cover for Trump regardless of how corrupt and treasonous and dangerous he is. America is as good as gone.


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