gone, but not forgotten


Do you hear a whirring noise? I do. And it’s driving me right out of my pea-pickin’ mind. I can’t find the source and I can’t shut it off. I’ve tried turning up the television, I’ve tried headphones, earmuffs, humming, whistling, hiding out at the library, all the usual tricks. It thrums on unabated.

Who can think with a constant, annoying, high-pitched ringing in their ears? I can’t. To be honest, even optimal conditions are no guarantee I’ll have an idea. I’ve got the necessary equipment, of course — pencils, reference books, an imagination, the whole nine yards — but they don’t help. They just lie there, mocking me and my failure.

What’s missing, really, is motivation. I’ll start a post with the best intentions in the world, but my mind pulls a Houdini and disappears before I’ve finished a paragraph. It’s gone for hours, sometimes days. I’ve no clue where it goes or what it does, it just wanders away. No warning, no goodbye, just, poof, gone. And next thing I know I’m stuck thinking about weird shit like Slinkys or gravity. Who wants to think about Slinkys and gravity?

Please bear with me during this very difficult time.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

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