the secret to happiness

Watching a fluffy, wagging, bouncy dog butt. There’s no sight quite as heartwarming in all the wide world. None.

You see, mornings and evenings, I’m a dog walker. Tripping along behind a joyful, sashaying little critter is the very best part of my day. Pulling twigs and gravel and roadside litter from between her clenched teeth, well, not so much, but it’s still all good. We’re modern day explorers, she and I. We’re Lewis and Clark, traveling uncharted ground, even if it is paved and populated. It’s the intent that counts.

And our intent is to have fun. How can we miss, really? We have gorgeous summer weather, we have iTunes, and we have each other. That, I believe, is the secret to happiness. I’m not kidding, try it for yourself.

Get a dog. Attach a leash. Go for a walk. Life looks immeasurably better from behind a jaunty little dog. There’s simply no need for antidepressants or liquor or anything else.

copyright © 2017 little ittys

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