an unproven, unscientific, fake theory

This is just me, ruminating without facts or research to back me. I’ve kept a critical eye on things, though, so there’s at least some basis in reality. Which makes for a nice change of pace, considering the current state of, um, discourse. Which isn’t really discourse so much as accusations and conjecture and name calling and preposterous lies. So my sentiments are as valid an any others.

And here’s what I think: being white and male is no longer a golden ticket in these United States or anywhere, maybe. The world has changed and white men, particularly conservative white men, are deeply offended by the upsetting turn of events. Their place atop the food chain is threatened; their hold on unbridled power is, quite possibly, slipping. What we might be witnessing here is the collapse of a species; the fall of the white guy.

Instead of accommodating a changing society, these laggards choose instead to vilify and hobble the striving. They shake their silly fists and they load their great big guns and redraw voting districts, proclaiming themselves manly men. Ho-flipping-hum.

Look at Sideshow Don, a fat, bald, aged Lothario, a Yoda look-alike. You think he’s not seething with anger over his fate? Of course he is, and he’s venting his fury on every living thing — the entire planet is suffering because he’s a wrinkled up has-been. If he wasn’t such an asshole, he’d be just another dotty gasbag. But he’s a certifiable menace to society, thanks to the cowardice and greed of another bunch of withered, old white dudes: the GOP.

Those guys see power and privilege, primacy and domination as their birthrights and they feel their grip weakening in a diverse, progressive society. It scares the bejeezus out of them. They haven’t the skills or cleverness to adjust, so they fortify themselves with intolerance for all but their exclusive club of Lily White He-Man Woman Haters.

Yet civilization stubbornly continues moving forward, while they fume on in impotent fury.

In all the coverage of the massive march against gun violence Saturday, one image struck me as perfectly representative. It was a guy standing alone in protest, trying to look tough and nonchalant in his carefully posed military stance, AR-15 strapped defiantly across his chest. If a big, scary gun is your only tool in today’s high-tech, fluid society, then, yes, you’re in trouble. Bigly. You can’t shoot your way to relevance.

copyright © 2018 little ittys

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