prima don goes to court

Four thousand!  lawsuits, plus or minus. That isn’t a typo, 4,000 is the true and correct figure. Can you say knee-jerk? Can you say nutjob?

The President of these not-so-United States was involved in, and I’m not kidding, thousands of lawsuits as a private citizen. His eagerness to sue carries on unabated as a politician. According to The Washington Post, themselves an enemy of the American people and the target of a lawsuit, Señor Trump has sued or threatened to sue:

» Ted Cruz
» Gov. John Kasich
» the Republican Party
» the New York Times
the Associated Press
» Univision
» the publisher of Fire and Fury
his former ghostwriter
» the Culinary Workers Union
» restaurants that pulled out of Trump International Hotel in DC
» the Club for Growth
» women who accused him of sexual misconduct

Phew, and that’s only a partial list, a tiny fraction. He also filed a lawsuit against Bill Maher, who challenged Trump to prove he wasn’t the offspring of an orangutan. He sued the town of Palm Beach for denying him an 80-foot flagpole and two guys named Trump for using their own last name. In addition, he’s sued New York, New Jersey, Scotland, Ivana, and Merv Griffin.

His supporters, of course, claim Sideshow Don is a fighter, a manly man. I’m of a slightly different opinion; I believe his litigiousness is the mark of a crybaby. Rational, competent people do not react with such an outsized fury to every slight — both real and imagined, but mostly imagined. Rational, competent people don’t declare bankruptcy six times — and counting — either. But what can we do?

Well, we can hang tight. We can vote in November. We can rise to defend the true and decent America we used to be. That’s what.

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