trump. america.

Pick one. You can’t have both.

Sideshow Don is bent on dismantling this nation, transforming it into his own private fiefdom. Or, in other Trumpian terms, a shithole country, a place where basic human rights, fairness and decency and the Constitution have no practical purpose.

Internationally, the Trump government is viewed with deep mistrust and incredulity and a big, fat joke. Americans, you and I, are seen as violent, brainless dupes and rightly so. We’ve empowered a fool, a belligerent zealot unfettered by reality.

I can’t be the only one who finds his faux patriotism insulting. The man didn’t serve a minute in military service — he ran away on his tiny, bone spurred feet. He served the Russians, though, colluding and glad-handing and playing the coquette. Every pronouncement, every policy and rollback, every tweet is designed to serve his bloated ego and petty self-interest

I long for the days when the government and its workings were white noise. It was just a solid, reassuring presence we rarely noticed, but thought of with great affection from time to time. Like the Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day. Amid all the bunting and speechifying typical of those occasions, lurked an unshakable admiration and quiet reverence for the principles we stood for.

America was brave. It was dependable. It was honorable. It had dignity.

So what’s it going to be, America or Trump? It’s entirely up to you.

copyright © 2018 little ittys

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