with apologies to elizabeth barrett browning

Plagiarism is bad. I do not advocate the theft of other writers’ work under any circumstances. It’s a weak, underhanded practice. But, you know what? Ripping off a dead woman isn’t so terrible in these sneering, contemptuous times. Scruples are a long-disused anachronism now, as are ethics, dignity, any type of decency whatsoever. They were tossed into the dustbin of history in 2016, with the rise of the GOP and Sideshow Don. That was actually the GOP’s first order of business after the election, a clumsy attempt to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. They didn’t want any investigations.

What cheeses me most, though, is the brazen hypocrisy. Chuck Grassley, head of the abysmal Judiciary Committee and withered old guy, yesterday released the personal details of a Kavanaugh accuser simply to discredit her. “The public ought to know,” he blustered. What we’ve no business knowing, apparently, are the results of the FBI’s hamstrung investigation into Kavanaugh’s deceptive testimony before the Senate. That’s a secret. Very hush-hush. The report is not to be discussed or even glimpsed outside a designated, heavily guarded room hidden deep inside the Capitol Building. Golly, that doesn’t look fishy.

The public (you and I) paid for this investigation and we pay these insufferable boobs to represent our interests (although bribes from lobbyists and special interest groups are their chief source of income), but we aren’t entitled to know what kind of drunken predaror will be making America’s legal decisions. But, yes, do keep us apprised of a stranger’s private activities, even if they’re only wild speculation. Good God, spare me the sanctimony of these bigoted misogynists.

As you can tell, I dwell on things. I don’t let anything go. Ever. I worry and obsess and blow stuff out of all proportion. I second-, third-, and tenth-guess every real and / or imagined wrong. Like this. I sit here, shaking my fist and raging against the demise of civility at the hands of greedy, warped politicians. I know it’s useless. I know this little outburst won’t change a thing. I know I’m tilting at windmills, but at least I’ll go down swinging. I have to try.

So, without further adieu, my sincere and heartfelt tribute to the GOP and Sideshow Don:


How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.
I loathe thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach
For you, sirs, are unrestrained assholes.

And here’s my ode to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh:


womp womp.

copyright © 2018 little ittys

8 thoughts on “with apologies to elizabeth barrett browning

    1. I wish I could leave and let them deal with the disaster they’re creating — multi-trillion dollar deficits, no tax revenue, no laws, no sustainable environment. This is hopeless unless they’re driven out next month 🤞☘️🤞☘️🤞☘️

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    1. It’s beyond discouraging, isn’t it??

      Well, here’s something funny. Check out the youtube video of Sideshow Don boarding Air Force 1 this afternoon with — get this — toilet paper trailing from his shoe! He’s such an idiot!

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