googling an idiot

The GOP, in case it isn’t apparent, is offended. That bitter mob of aged white dudes in DC has taken great umbrage to the fact their beloved President, Sideshow Don, is widely considered an idiot. However, this same Republican party regularly goes to great lengths to vilify and demonize, disenfranchise and marginalize us, the 99%, casting us as unworthy lowlifes. They’re  outraged by the unflattering, but dead-on, characterization of Mr. Trump.

And they blame Google. Not their idiot President for being an actual, verifiable idiot with his idiot behavior and idiot pronouncements and preposterous, idiotic lies. 

Seriously, watch him sometime. He waddles around giving a perpetual thumbs up and clapping like a seal for no discernible reason. He’s stumped by umbrellas, worries about ‘smocking guns,’ trails toilet paper from his shoes, taunts the investigators examining his assorted frauds and treasonous activities. Who behaves that way? A flat-out idiot, that’s who.

So, in a last gasp power play, the House Judiciary Committee summoned Sundar Pichai — CEO of tech giant Google — to appear and explain why, when ‘idiot’ is typed into the Google images search bar, Sideshow Don’s image pops up. Well, duh. Probably for the same reason carnage shows up when you type in disaster. Or a jackass shows up when you type in donkey. For the simple reason it’s 100% accurate. Why is that so hard to understand?

Because the GOP doesn’t deal in reality. They prefer conspiracy theories and distortion, obfuscation and outright lies — that’s their currency. The truth is messy and ugly and impossible to justify, so they label it ‘fake news.’ And their devoted followers, of course, take their word for everything, no matter how illogical or far-fetched. And who can blame them? Critical thinking is hard. Being led by the nose is a snap.

Take heart, America, on January 3rd the new Congress convenes and not a moment too soon. The clowns in this corrupt shitshow have gone unchecked far, far, far too long. It’s time to look under their sleazy rock.

copyright © 2018 little ittys


8 thoughts on “googling an idiot

    1. And a Hazmat suit, breathing apparatus, water cannon, 40-foot pole, and rubber gloves. When Trump and his criminal companions finally leave, we should burn down the place down and start over. His evil might limp on in the massively corrupt GOP. Oy.

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