oh, boy, look what we got for christmas

A fully unraveled lunatic in the White House.

I want to know who put that on their Christmas list. Come on, who? It was probably that bloodless organism known as Stephen ‘Spray- on-Hair’ Miller, right? No, wait, I’ll bet it was Vlad the Installer. Yeah, he’s the one who installed that psychotic moron in the Oval Office in the first place, along with a full cast of dancing yes-boys (better known as the GOP).

Remember, the Russians hacked the Republicans, too. Of course, their damning information is being withheld from the public in order to keep the cowardly GOP under control. Those toadies don’t hear anything but the dog whistle. Not the citizens begging them to step up or the world pleading for stability, not even their own consciences. Nope, they’re effectively deaf to anything that isn’t Russian or goes ka-ching.

Honest to God, Sideshow Don needs to be locked up. Tight. In a basement. Or an insane asylum. Or, better yet, a federal prison. He’s a clear and present danger to society and more hysterical than any woman ever even thought of being. A flighty, overwrought nutjob is what he is, with keys to the Apocalypse and no one’s making any attempt whatsoever to curb his lunatic behavior. Is there no one in all of D.C. with balls? Or brains? Or just plain common sense?

You know, if they’re going to shut down the government, they should start with the White House. Just close it down. That’s what the world really wants for Christmas. An end to this slow-motion trainwreck of stoopidity. Please, please, puh-leeze Santa.

copyright © 2018 little ittys

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