the chart topping president

Despite his lofty pronouncements, Sideshow Don isn’t really a genius. Nor is he stable, a negotiator, competent, or an expert anything. However, there’s one area where the man shines brighter than the sun and that’s in venality. That dude’ll take a bribe from anyone to do anything, no matter how low, no matter how debased. There’s simply no level to which he will not stoop.

You see, Sideshow Don is a straight-up sociopath.

Throughout history, the world’s had its share of highly talented frauds, guys like Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay (crooked Enron dude) and Bernie Ebbers (WorldCom felon) — greedy, remorseless scam artists who bilked investors out of billions upon billions of dollars. They used the money they stole to support laughably excessive lifestyles. But those chaps were rank amateurs compared to Sideshow Don. He’s in the process of taking down an entire country.

Where other world leaders aim for wisdom or honor, simple decency, this illegitimate American President is the living embodiment of amoral. From his lab-grown hair to his make-believe bone spurs, Mr. Trump is a cipher. He stands for nothing and he is nothing. Frankly, he’s not even worthy of our contempt. He’s deserving only of being overthrown, legitimately and legally and immediately.

You see, the gravest threat to America is the President. Our other great threats are the fools who revere the cowardice and bigotry and bone-deep ignorance of Mr. Trump. He is their soul mate. As is the deeply malevolent puppetmaster, Vlad the Installer.

God help us all.

copyright © 2019 little ittys

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