my predictions for the mueller report

Its release will have no absolutely no impact: America, I’m afraid, is in very deep shit. The GOP will continue to sit on their hands and look the other way; Sideshow Don will continue raping the country of decency and dignity and hope; his followers will continue with the death threats and conspiracy theories and blind ignorance.

Oh, the animosity will ratchet up, of course, as will the volume and the rhetoric. The right will gloat, regardless of the evidence. The left will condemn righteously. And folks in the middle will despair. My greatest fear? America is already a lost cause.

Our only hope is to stop the hand-wringing and name-calling and stand the fuck up for this poor, beleaguered nation. Get up, speak up, do something for God’s sake.


copyright © 2019 little ittys

6 thoughts on “my predictions for the mueller report

    1. This is a nightmare; America is being dismantled piece by piece —- by the effing government. Between the greed and the towering ignorance we don’t have a prayer. I’m just disgusted with the whole embarrassing shitshow and hope a tsunami blows in and wipes out DC. What a skanky bunch of asshats 😡

      PS. Sorry. But I’m beyond pissed off; I’m straight up furious.

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