hail to the deadbeat

You know Charles Dickens? He was wrong. Wronger than wrong. These, right here and right now, are the worst of times. And they’ve tried my soul beyond endurance.

You see, Sideshow Don thinks (and when I say ‘thinks,’ I’m kidding) taxpayers should pay for the catastrophic damage his tariffs are set to cause American farmers and business people from sea to shining sea. That’s the underlying theme of his entire miserably failed life — run up huge, towering piles of debt, then skip away, leaving everyone else holding the bag.

Fearful of losing support from the very voters who elected him, Trump tweets off effusive praise to ‘Our great Patriot Farmers’ promising they will be ‘one of the biggest beneficiaries of what is happening now.’ And if China won’t buy ‘our great farm product, the best … your country will be making up the difference.’ That’s a win-win for Trump — he buys a few voters with someone else’s money and gets his way.

Has that deadbeat ever paid for anything? Cab fare? Lunch? Anything? Bankers are the bigger dopes, though. Seriously, who loans a glaring, chronic loser such as Sideshow Don billions upon billions upon billions of dollars? Bankers do. Yep, the selfsame dipsticks who, themselves, required a massive bailout in order to avert a complete, worldwide financial collapse. Well, eventually, they blacklisted the freeloader, cut him off cold and refused to lend him any more money.  Undeterred, Sideshow turned to Russia and Saudi Arabia and Deutsche Bank and … ?

And sold out his country. That was the only collateral available to squeeze additional billions from new nefarious sources: namely, eager, murderous tyrants. He admires the type. Considers them tough guys. Unfortunately Trump isn’t. He’s a desperate weakling running us headlong into financial and reputational ruin.

By the way, did you know if the minimum wage had kept pace with Wall Street bonuses, it would be $33 / hour today.

The biggest dopes, by far, are his bitter, fist-shaking followers. They cheer his ruinous, destructive policies while they stand squarely in the crosshairs. The fallout from Sideshow Don’s rampant petulance will land on them if the world survives his tantrum-fueled reign of lethal incompetence.

Here’s another bit of trivia: it was 84º on the Arctic coast last weekend, significantly warmer than many places in the midwest. But don’t worry, climate change is a hoax.

How can anyone think this absolute horror of a businessman functions as a legitimate leader? He’s a gaping, bubbling sinkhole of corruption and stoopidity. But the GOP and the American electorate are okay with that.

Smoldering crater here we come.

copyright © 2019 little ittys

6 thoughts on “hail to the deadbeat

    1. It’s my only outlet. Even though I try to avoid the news and any thought of Sideshow Don, he’s like a bad smell. Invisible but pervasive. I know I should change the subject from time to time, but if I don’t unload all this anger somewhere I’ll explode. These posts are my therapy sessions.

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